Fort McMurray - Conklin

Brian Jean

Brian Jean was elected to the Alberta Legislature on May 05, 2015 in the constituency of Fort McMurray – Conklin.

Brian is a businessman, a lawyer and for 10 years he was a dedicated MP in Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.

Besides real world business and government experience, Brian has been active in his community chairing many senior roles in Fort McMurray business community and serving on charitable boards including the Children’s Health Foundation (Northern Alberta). Brian currently serves on the board of the Health Partners International charity which sends medication and medical equipment to developing nations.

He has a BSc, an MBA and an LLB. But Brian isn’t just book smart–he’s been a printer, a logger, a farm hand, and a registered trapper.

Brian is a committed fiscal conservative who believes in low taxes and small government.

During his 10 years in Ottawa as a Conservative Member of Parliament in the federal government, Brian Jean organized a petition and lobbied the Prime Minister to fund the twinning of Hwy 63. The federal government contributed $150 million to twinning Highway 63 in 2006 (even though it is a provincial responsibility). That was 50% of the project’s cost at the time but now it’s well over a billion dollars because the Province waited too long.