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September 26, 2018

NDP blocks common-sense motion at Resource Stewardship Committee

Yesterday, the NDP blocked a United Conservative request for Alberta’s energy minister to report to a legislative committee to discuss the latest uncertainty surrounding the Trans Mountain pipeline.

During yesterday’s meeting, UCP MLA Wayne Drysdale, deputy chair of the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship, made a common-sense motion that would have seen the committee invite the minister to its next meeting to publicly discuss this critical infrastructure project. But the NDP quickly used its majority to block the Minister answer any questions about the stalled project.

“Although we were hopeful they would take this opportunity display accountability, the NDP continues to prefer to keep Albertans in the dark,” said Drysdale. “The NDP has blocked this Committee from discussing critical resource issues throughout its time in government. Clearly, they don’t want any kind of public spotlight shone on their failure to be effective stewards of Alberta’s most important assets.”

While the Premier gives her good friend and ally Justin Trudeau yet another chance, Albertans can rest assured that the United Conservatives will continue standing up for their interests.

“This government went all in on its partnership with the Trudeau Liberals and it hasn’t done a single thing to get our resources to new markets,” said UCP House Leader Jason Nixon. “The real question here is why are they hiding the minister from this committee and why are they so afraid to answer for their failures.”