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March 13, 2017

NDP government needs to come clean on labour changes: van Dijken

Today, Wildrose Shadow Jobs & Labour Minister Glenn van Dijken released the following statement on the NDP government’s request for public input on Alberta’s labour legislation:

“We’ve seen the NDP government use consultations before only to ram through their ideological economic policies on a reeling economy. Albertans are rightly worried about a month long ‘consultation’ period that has the potential to send even more chills to job creators.

“While small businesses were closing their doors across the province, the NDP government ignored their concerns during consultations on minimum wage and bulldozed ahead.

“The NDP government needs better justification for an overhaul of our labour laws than simply saying they haven’t changed in a long time. Historically, Alberta’s labour laws have been strong and competitive.

“On Bill 6, consultation quickly became pass the legislation first and trust us to get the regulations right.

“Every move the NDP government has made on the economy has made it more difficult for Alberta to succeed later, more expensive for families and business and is limiting Alberta’s true economic potential.”