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August 9, 2017

NDP must stop hiding true cost of carbon tax: UCP

Today, following the release of a freedom of information document suggesting the NDP is suppressing the true cost of the carbon tax, the United Conservative Party caucus is calling for the immediate release of all information relevant to the cost of the carbon tax, including an economic impact study conducted last fall.

The documents, obtained by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, are heavily redacted and represent only a fraction of the information requested on costs associated with the largest tax increase in Alberta’s history.

Derek Fildebrandt and Ric McIver, the United Conservative Party caucus’ finance critics, said the NDP government must show transparency and release the requested information in full.

“The carbon tax has made life worse for families and businesses at the worst possible time,” Fildebrandt said. “Albertans deserve to know exactly how much money the government is spending to administer this tax. If that information is out there, and these documents suggest that it is, then the government has an obligation to come clean, instead of continuing to politicize the freedom of information process.”

McIver said the NDP refusing to release the information on the cost of the carbon tax is reminiscent of when it refused to release an economic impact study on it.

“At every stage, the NDP has been secretive and unaccountable to Albertans. This, from a government that promised to set a new standard for transparency,” McIver said. “By not releasing the costs or economic impact study, the NDP is admitting to Albertans that the carbon tax is not worth the price.”