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September 21, 2017

Dave Rodney October Newsletter

Dave Rodney
MLA Calgary-Lougheed
United Conservative Party Deputy Caucus Chair

* Serving the Communities of Woodbine, Woodlands, Evergreen, & BridlewoodAdvocate for Education, Advanced Education, Indigenous Relations, & Wellness

403.238.1212, calgary.lougheed@assembly.ab.ca, 311A-2525 Woodview Dr SW


It was an honour to participate in Firefighting 101; & I offer my humble thanks to those who risk their lives every day, so that we can be safe from all sorts of major problems!


I tip my hat to Federal Conservatives Andrew Scheer and John Barlow, & Alberta United Conservative Jason Kenney, who work tirelessly for Albertans & Canadians!

Deeper & Deeper Deficit & Debt:

Peter Lougheed sent Alberta in the direction of the best net asset position of any jurisdiction in the free world; & I was there when Ralph Klein raised the pivotal “paid in full” sign, which helped AB to become the best place to live, work, & raise a family.  Meanwhile, the NDP’s first budget had a $12 billion deficit; & their second will be about the same.  The gov’t is continuing on a path of unrestrained spending growth–with no plan to ever bring the budget back to balance–& according to their own numbers, in one term, they will put AB’s close to $100 billion in debt!  The NDP’s latest Quarterly Fiscal Update indicated that debt servicing costs alone have risen to $1.4 billion per year–which means they are using $1.4 billion of your tax-payer dollars simply to cover the interest on the debt they are accumulating—every year!  That’s an entire South Calgary Health Campus—every year!  It’s also $1.4 billion that cannot be spent on teachers, nurses, roads, hospitals, schools, & much more!  These costs will only continue to increase, as the NDP increase your provincial debt.

Since the NDP took office, unemployment rates have reached historic highs:  & those aren’t just numbers—they’re people—our relatives, friends, & neighbours. ATB has stated that private sector job growth has been lagging unlike ever before; & a recent Fraser Institute report indicates that AB’s job creation numbers are now in the bottom half across North America—in a jurisdiction that was perennially at the top of the list!  The NDP continue to blame low oil prices for the struggles of the economy–but SK & BC are both out-performing AB–& they must deal with the same oil prices as AB…what’s the difference?

AB’s have been forced to do more with less; & they expect their gov’t to do the same. If the NDP want to attract investment & jobs back to AB, it must develop a credible plan to restrain spending, & pay off their ballooning debt. Our caucus is working hard to hold the NDP to account–while offering positive & proactive solutions–as we work to restore the Alberta Advantage & get our economy back on track!


Do AB’s Deserve Better in Education?

As UCP Education Advocate, I have been listening carefully to serious concerns of students & families; & they have told me that the lack of consultation with school boards, & poor communication around Bill 1, means that parents had a very short timeframe to react to significant transportation & time changes for the school year.  They have told me that the NDP’s ever climbing carbon tax will cost school boards even more millions of dollars that they simply cannot afford; & that the same carbon tax is set to increase yet again on January 1—which will leave parents with even less money for after school activities, school lunches, & more.  When it comes to supporting choice in education, the NDP had to be embarrassed into supporting a legislative motion on the matter.  All of which leads to the question:  do Albertans deserve better?


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